Why Argentina is the next destination of your Jewish Heritage trip

KosherLat Jewish travel in Latin America invites you to enjoy this journey of seeing Argentina and all its complexity through the uniquely Jewish lens.

The uniqueness of the Jewish Community of Argentina is a combination of many factors. As it is the largest in Latin America, a trip of this kind is not only about visiting historic buildings, but rather about experiencing the community in motion and actually participating in activities customized for each group.

 In this trip, you will:
Learn why in Argentina the Ashkenazis are
called “rusos” (Russians) and the Sephardic,  “turcos” (Turkish) no matter the country they came from.
Learn to dance tango.
Taste the best “asado” ever (the Argentinean version of a BBQ).
Wander in “ONCE” (pronounced, ”OWN-SAY”), one of the Jewish neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, discovering not only the most beautiful synagogues, but also the typical shops and Kosher eateries which portray Jewish life in the area. Not by coincidence, several cinema
productions depicting Jewish life in Buenos Aires have been filmed here.
Learn about the terrorist attacks that the Jewish community suffered and of the many ways we pay tribute to the victims.
Experience a Shabbat like no other in Buenos Aires
Visit an Estancia (Argentinean ranch), enjoying a day in the countryside with horse-back riding, folkloric music and amazing gaucho-skills show. (gaucho = cowboy)
Learn about the Jewish Colonies and the Jewish Gauchos
Participate in a chessed activity, which will give you the opportunity to interact with the local community.

We enjoy working hard to give you not just the best experience of Jewish Argentina you can get, but also a wonderful memory you can share with your grandchildren.

The Jewish community in Argentina dates back to 140 years ago. In 1882, La Congregacion Israelita de Buenos Aires held the first
minyan. By the early 1900s, there were 100,000 Jewish immigrants in Argentina, mostly from Eastern Europe. Some established themselves in the pampas, the fertile lowlands of Argentina, becoming gauchos (cowboys) who established Jewish rural agricultural communities. The Jewish community in Argentina today is the largest in Latin America. Of a total population of 44 million people, about 240,000 are Jewish, the majority of which live in Buenos Aires. There are approximately 55 synagogues, 50 Jewish educational institutions, and 20 kosher restaurants in Buenos Aires.

KosherLat is based in Buenos Aires.

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