Where to go in 2018: Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America


One trip down Buenos Aires’ cobblestone streets, taking in the art-nouveau apartment buildings and Italian Renaissance-style palaces, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into an electric Old World party, and that everyone showed up. So grab a power nap and hydrate.

A city of night owls, true porteños, as the city’s residents are known, grab ice cream at midnight with their grandmothers, show up to the nightclub when most American bars are announcing last call, and never eat dinner before 10pm. Tango is just the tip. The leafy, tree-lined barrio of Palermo Hollywood ensures a night out that will rival that of the world’s best party cities: outdoor bars, swanky lounges, and intimate venues. Every night here is lit. Crowds spill onto the street. Even a gritty, graffiti-covered burger joint feels like the hottest spot in town.

BA is all about the secret addresses -- speakeasy staples like Frank's, closed-door dinner parties, and members-only 24-hour club pool parties at spots like Mansion Boreo or The Clubhouse. Once you’ve properly lost track of time, you'll find yourself topping off the night with helado (a cross between hard frozen ice cream and gelato). More than 2,000 heladerias (ice cream parlors) dot the city -- the only way anyone here knows how to cool down for even a moment. -- Andrea Kasprzak, Thrillist contributor

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