ARGENTINA's Wonders: Iguazu falls like you never saw them

Iguazú National Park jungle roads lead to a unique site in the world: where birds sing to the beauty of the landscape and nature vibrates with the thunder of the water

Iguazú National Park is located in the northwest of the province of Misiones, at 11 miles from Puerto Iguazú. Its preserved ecosystem belongs to the Paraná Jungle eco region that covers almost all the provincial territory. The natural treasure being hosted are the Iguazú Waterfalls: 275 waterfalls that reach an altitude of almost 260 feet. They were declared one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in the World and, also, Mankind Natural Heritage.

The visit to Iguazú National Park requires, at least, a complete day. Among the recreational proposals, it is worth mentioning: the Yvirá Retá Interpretation Center, the Lower Walk (4,600 ft of walkways with stairs); the Upper Walk (4,200 ft of walkways without stairs); the crossing to San Martín Island; and Macuco and Yacaratiá Pathways. There are alternative tours to discover the Park and get close to the Waterfalls by means of full of adrenaline activities.

One of the newest proposals consists in enjoying the Waterfalls under the moonlight, during full moon clear nights. Visitors only need to go to the Park at sunset, take the little train that crosses the jungle and get into the dark. The silence is only interrupted by the sounds of night animals: a new world awakes at the depth of the jungle. When getting off the train, it is necessary to take the same pathway that reaches the Devil’s Throat: in the evenings it is more mysterious and even more charming. The roar of the jungle increases step by step. And, finally,  the Devil’s Throat amazes and moves evening visitors. Illuminated by a giant and silver moon, it is even more breathtaking. A unique landscape and an unforgettable experience.

IMPORTANT: Iguazú National Park provides varied services to tourists. Among them, a 5 stars hotel, restaurants, fast food stores and drugstores. Architectonic barriers were eliminated thus generating a proposal available for everyone. Due to the Park’s extension, if visitors want to make the visit in two days, they should keep the entrance ticket and present it the second day and they will get a 50% discount.

Puerto Iguazú is a city with varied accommodation and tourist services, as well as regular bus services to the Park during the whole day.

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