A selfie with Pope Francis

Angela Orosz-Richt was born in Auschwitz in December 1944, weighing less than 1 kg. She was too weak to cry. Last week, she flew from Montreal to Poland for the visit of Pope Francis. On Sunday, the Pope received her in private audience. Angela was accompanied by a Hungarian filmmaker couple and their son, who are making a documentary about her.

After their meeting with Pope Francis, she told us this: ‘When we came in, the Pope said: Please pray for me! And with a smile, he suggested: Let's take a selfie! And so we did. I thanked him for his silent visit to Auschwitz. He taught the world how to visit that place. I was born in Auschwitz, and my mother's heroism and faith saved my life, with God’s miracles. I presented him with a picture of my late mother and me as a young girl, and a teddy bear in Canadian Mounty uniform. I still can’t believe that a little old Jewish lady like myself got to meet with the Pope.”

Source: On the spot

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