B'nai Jeshurun NYC's Argentina Trip 2016: Testimonials

Thirty congregants of B'nai Jeshurun led by the Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein and the Director of Development, Lisa Steinberg, visited  Argentina on April 2016. The Jewish trip was organized by KosherLat Valeria Duek.

They spent almost a week in Buenos Aires and three days in El Calafate.

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Below you will find the testimonial of Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein and some of the participants of the trip

We just finished one of the most successful community trips ever to Argentina. For us at congregation B'nai Jeshurun this trip was very important because of our Latin American roots.
Kosherlat and Valeria were superb. Everything was outstanding from the beginning to the end. Valeria's dedication to details and her presence during the trip made it clear that for her this is not only a business, this is personal and her love and dedication were evident during the whole trip.
I will be using her services again and again and I recommend her without hesitation. Our people came back filled with great memories and gratitude.

Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein
Congregation B'nai Jeshurun

New York

"This will be a trip, an opportunity, of a lifetime".  This is what so many people said to me when they

heard my plans to travel to Buenos Aires with Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein, Development Director, Lisa Steinberg and a group of congregants from B'nai Jeshurun.

Led by Rabbi Marcelo and Lisa, our congenial and adventurous group shared unforgettable experiences ranging from sites both Jewish and non-Jewish. The direct exposure to and confrontation with the political history of Argentina was both disturbing and heart-wrenching.

However, the most meaningful aspect of the trip for me was seeing where our wonderful clergy at B'nai Jeshurun come from.  For twenty years I had heard their stories and about Bet El(synagogue) and its origins and to experience services there and meet the community was so special.  The services and warm welcome we received were unforgettable.

This wonderful trip was planned and arranged in conjunction with Valeria Duek of Kosherlat-Jewish Heritage Tours in Argentina.  Valeria was involved in every detail of the trip, no matter how large or small.; she is well organized and most congenial. The level of hotel, food and all other services she provided to the group were of the highest quality.  I have never before seen the personal level of attention that she provided to us from any other tour operator.  I recommend her very highly.

With many thanks and much gratitude,
Helena Diamant Glass

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