Argentina: Happy MALBEC World Day

It’s Malbec World Day today and with the World’s Best Sommelier Contest also taking place in Mendoza, it’s twice the occasion to toast with what is considered to be Argentina’s trade mark wine.

On APRIL 17, 1853, Domingo Fautino Sarmiento submits a proposal to broaden and diversify Argentina´s wine industry. A bill is submitted to the Provincial Legislature for the foundation of a Quinta Normal and a School of Agriculture. In this way, Malbec sets root in Mendoza.

The Malbec variety is introduced in Argentina,

Michel Pouget arrives in Mendoza in 1853, at the age of 32, with a contribution from the Quinta Normal of Chile, which included “a great deal of plants and seeds, among them several types of grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Malbec.”.

In 1858 budget cuts lead to the closing of the Quinta Normal of Mendoza. Notwithstanding, Pouget struggles to continue with the project as a private undertaking, and keeps on experimenting with the purpose of adapting the French vines.

In 1863 the Phylloxera plague begins to take its toll on France. French vines are hard-hit and begin to deteriorate inexplicably in the southern Rhône.
In the meantime, Malbec adapts quickly to the varied terroirs offered by Argentina’s rugged landscape and begins to produce better wines than in its original land.

In 1889 the French market is severely affected by the devastating Phylloxera Plague.

By 1956, Argentina becomes the only country growing original Malbec vines of French origin.

In 1977, a superior Malbec is produced in oak casks and a star is born. Overseas, this causes quite a stir, surprising people everywhere.

In 2010, Argentine wine consumption experiences remarkable growth in the United States. Consumption of Malbec increases by an unprecedented 60% in 12 months. US consumers fall in love with Argentine Malbec, attracted by its singular characteristics: vigorous fruity flavors combined with a smooth texture that floods the palate.

2011: April 17 is chosen by Wines of Argentina to pay tribute to Malbec, a symbol of transformation for the Argentine wine industry and a wine star that shines all over the world.


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