B'nai Jeshurun NYC is visiting Argentina in April 2016

Over 30 congregants of B'nai Jeshurun NYC will be visiting Buenos Aires in April 2016, lead by Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein.

They will have the opportunity to see Argentina in all its complexity through a uniquely Jewish lens. Among the highlights of this tour will be a visit to the Seminario Rabínico and Comunidad Bet-El, both founded by Rabbi Marshall Meyer. On this tour of vibrant Buenos Aires, you will also have the opportunity to visit an Estancia (ranch), taste Kosher Argentinian style BBQ called asado, and enjoy the gaucho skills show and folkloric dancing.  On an optional pre-trip to Patagonia, explore spectacular glaciers with a sailing excursion to National Glacier Park in El Calafate.

The Jewish community in Argentina dates back to 140 years ago. In 1882, La Congregacion Israelita de Buenos Aires held the first minyan. By the early 1900s, there were 100,000 Jewish immigrants in Argentina, mostly from Eastern Europe. Some established themselves in the pampas, the fertile lowlands of Argentina, becoming gauchos (cowboys) who established Jewish rural agricultural communities. The Jewish community in Argentina today is the largest in Latin America. Of a total population of 41.45 million people, about 240,000 are Jewish, the majority of which live in Buenos Aires. There are approximately 70 synagogues, 60 Jewish educational institutions, and 20 kosher restaurants in Buenos Aires.

This Jewish Heritage trip is organized by KosherLat Valeria Duek. We tailor-made each itinerary to meet the interests and needs of every group.

Learn about the itinerary of BJ NYC  in Argentina.

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