A dinosaurs' nesting area became a National Geological Park in Argentina

The site is located on the edge of the national route 75, in the area called the pocket of Huaco, Sanagasta department, and features a colorful replicas of extinct animals, made to scale.

 LA RIOJA, ARGENTINA.-  The geological park is about 40 kilometers west of the city of La Rioja, Northwest of Argentina, in an area where nests and eggs of dinosaurs were found.

The park has a stall selling crafts, a conference room, auditorium and interpretive center. On site, years ago were found dinosaur nests and eggs that were extracted and studied by Argentine scientists.

Here are more than 80 nests of dinosaurs, many of these nests with 30 eggs. Quite impressive what  this area looked like over 70 million years ago.

This National Geological Park is unique in Argentina. It helped the scientists to understand how the dinosaurs incubated their eggs, among other scientific discoveries.

This was a hot spot of 30-40 Celsius degrees, the same as at present, and dinosaurs laid their eggs after coming down from the Andes to this beautiful area.

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