What NOT to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city where there is always something to do. There are parks, museums, plazas, bars, pubs, clubs, exhibitions, shows, tours in each neighborhood and many restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy the best that Argentina has to offer. Finding something to do is easy.

But let’s look at what NOT to do in Buenos Aires.

After all, your time is valuable and we want you to make the most of your time in Argentina’s captivating capital!

Don’t take just any taxi from the airport

So you just arrived in Buenos Aires and need to get to your hotel or accommodation. Don’t hail just any cab. When you leave the airport you will see there are official airport taxis, which operate from booths inside the terminal, and regular cabs outside the terminal. These regular taxis are notorious for taking advantage of tourists by overcharging, driving longer routes, or exchanging real pesos for fake notes, a common taxi scam in Buenos Aires. We recommend that you order a pre-paid taxi from the booths inside the airport, or even better, book an airport transfer in advance.

When you arrive at International Airport Ezeiza, don’t just hop in the first cab you see!

Don’t forget cash
Using a credit card is not that common in Buenos Aires, most people pay with cash because many places do not take credit cards. Convert your cash to pesos, as only a few places will accept foreign currencies, and usually not at a good rate. If you’re looking to make a larger purchase such as a leather jacket, ask if they have a different price for credit card or cash. There are occasionally discounts, depending on the store’s preference of payment. If you pay with credit card, you will need to show some form of ID (passport or driver’s license).

Bring your credit card to Buenos Aires, but use it just for big purchases.

Don’t go out too early

Whether you’re going to a restaurant or a club, everything starts later in Buenos Aires. Most Porteños don’t eat before 9pm, with the typical dinner rush at a restaurant happening around 10pm. And don’t even try getting to the club before midnight, it won’t be open yet. People typically start arriving at 2am, with things picking up after 3am and going on until sunrise.

The bars and restaurants of Buenos Aires stay open late.


Buenos Aires is considered a safe city, but as any big city, tourists can be an easy target for pickpockets. It is recommended not to bring expensive wrist watches or any jewelry. And by any jewelry we mean also that chain you got from your Bobe at your Bar-Mitzvah and you never take it off. Take it off prior to your arrival to Argentina.

Zip your zippers. Pay attention and you will be fine. Pickpockets do not take chances.

Do not take any taxi on the streets. Take a Radio Taxi, or ask for help at restaurants or stores when buying. Ask them to call a radio taxi.

Do not exchange money on taxis. Tourists often get fake pesos.
If you are taking a taxi, make sure you have change.

Maybe you’ve heard that tango shows can be cheesy or it doesn’t sound like your style. Don’t judge so quickly. There are a huge variety of tango shows in Buenos Aires, and the trick ispicking the right tango house for your taste. There are small, traditional tango houses set in authentic neighbourhoods, and there are larger broadway-style tango shows that are more modern and flashy. As long as you choose the right show for you, it is definitely worth going for a truly special night out celebrating Argentine tango and enjoying a delicious three-course meal.

Don’t miss out on a night of passionate tango!

Enough of what you must not do in Buenos Aires; what you definitely should do is take advantage of your time in Argentina to see and do as much as possible.