Argentina through literature and movies

A great way to approach the history of a country before (or after) you actually visit it is reading literature and watching movies that reflect the spirit and the way of life of its society.

In the case of Argentina, there some books that could be suggested:
- The Perón Novel by Tomás Eloy Martínez
- Santa Evita by Tomás Eloy Martínez
- The Jewish gauchos by Alberto Guerchunoff
- Little house on Garibaldi street by Isser Harel: the first full account of the capture of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960.

You can add the books by Jorge Luis Borges and you will not be disappointed in any way.

Three Argentinean films won the Oscar award:
- The official story
- The secret in her eyes
- Wild tales

Other Argentinean movies we strongly recommend:
-Journey to the South (a fiction film about the Tzwi Migdal criminal organization)
-Los guantes mágicos (The magic gloves)
-Cama Adentro (Live-in maid)
- Veronico Cruz
- Esperando la carroza (Waiting for the hearse)
- Tiempo de Valientes (On probation)
- Un cuento chino (Chinese Take-away)
- Evita Perón: The true story
- Plata dulce (Easy money)
- The German Doctor (Wakolda) a film about Mengele


Posted by Valeria Duek Kosherlat Jewish Heritage trips to Argentina