Seeking the descendants of David Moises Grun

As in many other cases, when emigrated from Poland seeking for a better and safer future, the Grun family split. Some of the members went to New York City, while others ended up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One of the Gruns from New York, Max Kopelman, is seeking the descendants of his cousin David Moises Grun, who immigrated to Buenos Aires.
David Moises Grun and his brother Elias came to Buenos Aires from a town in Poland called Radomysl. Their father Joseph immigrated to New York where his sister Rochel lived. Rochel is the mother of Max.

The last address known in Buenos Aires of David and Elias Grun was located in Nunez neighborhood, on Guayra and Zapiola Streets (1960´s).
David Moises Grun passed in December, 1962. He left a wife, Regina Sor, a son who was at the time 15 or 16 years old and a daughter who was 11 or 12. The Gruns from NY had no further contact with neither, Regina, the widow of David, nor Elias (David’s brother) or David´s children, whose name, unfortunately are unknown.

Both David and his wife are buried at the Jewish cemetery of La Tablada, in Greater Buenos Aires. Elias never got married. His grave was not found nor in Tablada neither in any Jewish cemetery of Greater Buenos Aires.

We know that there was a man called Leon Padawer who came to Buenos Aires from Radomysl at the same time that the Grun brothers came. Unfortunately any descendant of Leon Padawer could be reached yet.

Max Kopelman and his wife contacted the AMIA in Argentina (Israelite Mutual Association in Argentina, a sort of Jewish Federation), which has a group called REUNIR that helps Jewish people from abroad to find their relatives in Argentina. They made an impeccable job contacting every Grun in Argentina, but the ones they found did not belong to the family of David and Elias Grun.

The Gruns brother might have emigrated from Argentina. 

Max is arriving to Buenos Aires soon and he would like to meet their cousins.

Any information will be very much appreciated. You can contact

Thank you.