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Asian Kosher restaurant in Buenos Aires. Reviews

There are a lot of reviews stating that state that a certain restaurant is the best kosher restaurant in BA. However, I can honestly state that this one is. You will notice its modern decor, beautiful booths with red leather curved couches for a more personal experience. The waiters and waitresses are extremely attentive and if your Spanish is not perfect, they speak great English. The food is extremely good and the portions are very generous. I can highly recommend the 1.5kg rib (to share!) which is the largest, most succulent and delicious rib that I have ever had. My friends have tried both Kosher and non-Kosher meat in Buenos Aires and said the standard of meat was similar which is extremely strange to hear and find especially in England. The prices are extremely reasonable for the standard of food, service and overall experience.

Trip Advisor

While Argentina is known for it’s delicious meat, one restaurant stood out for it’s uniqueness, flavor, decor, and so much more … ASIAN [pronounced Aah-cee-ahn in Spanish]. ASIAN is an Asian Fusion Steakhouse that goes above and beyond to please you from the moment you walk in the door.
They greet you with a homemade frozen shot: an amazing blend of fresh fruit, vodka, and ice. In my 2 visits there, we had a different shot each day. The appetizer menu was also unique. We tasted the fried gizzards – which were so different than what we’re used to – and tasty.
For the main, you have to order a steak – which type, I can’t say – they’re all so good. All I can say is if you’re a kosher meat loving carnivore, than you must travel down to Buenos Aires, and experience ASIAN.
ASIAN is honestly one of my favorite kosher restaurants in the world. You can come back and thank me later.

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