North Shore Hebrew Academy High School's review on their visit to Argentina

by Ariela Hecht

The hallways were filled with chattering students this past Wednesday morning as NSHAHS welcomed back its students and teachers who were touring Argentina on a school trip. Coordinated by Mrs. Gabriella Rozanski, head of Tarbut at NSHAHS, the Argentina trip permitted North Shore students to spend ten days learning about Argentina's exceptional Jewish community and unique culture. Throughout their visit, the group had the chance to see many sites including ancient Jewish synagogues, day schools, and cemeteries. Moreover, the students befriended Jewish high school students they met during their visits to Jewish Argentinian day schools. The students attended a fabulous tango show, visited Argentina's shopping centers, and went horseback riding! The group participated in many acts of chesed as they visited underprivileged children of Jewish descent and also an old age home. Sophomore Amalia Kaufman, a participating student, reflected, "It was truly a fantastic trip; we not only visited important historical Jewish landmarks in Argentina, but also were fortunate to have participated in many acts of meaningful chesed." 

The visit of North Shore Hebrew Academy High School students' was coordinated in Buenos Aires by Valeria Duek, founder of Kosherlat, a company devoted to Jewish tours in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Posted by Kosherlat